Are you a high-ability student looking for enriching and engaging educational opportunities to enhance your learning experience?  Our program is the perfect fit for you!

High-ability students can join the program as incoming, transfer or current UNI students. Check out the admission requirements in the table below.

Once admitted, you can choose between two different designations—University Honors with Distinction (30 credits) or University Honors (18 credits). We are happy to assist you in designing an honors experience to best fit your academic needs.

Honors students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.30+ and take at least one honors course per year to remain active.

Entrance Requirements

First-Year Student

Eligible first-years are invited to participate upon receiving admission to UNI. Entrance requirements:

Invitations are sent shortly after admission and responses are accepted until the program reaches capacity. Apply to UNI early and respond to your honors invitation right away! 

Don't meet the criteria for automatic invitation? Send a brief request for individual review (one page or less) to highlighting why you are a good candidate.


Transfer Student

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.30+ and a transfer professor's recommendation should apply one semester before enrolling at UNI.  Honors students from DMACC, SCC, or SECC can participate in Honors at UNI by submitting their Intent to Join one semester prior to enrolling. 

‌Transfer Students

Students in dorm

Current Students

Current UNI students can apply for admission to the program with a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or better and a professor's recommendation.  To remain in good standing in the Honors Program, students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.30 and take at least one honors course per year.

Current UNI Student Application

Professor Recommendation

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Designation Requirements

The Honors Program offers two designations for participation, University Honors with Distinction and University Honors. Graduates of the program will be honored at commencement and will have an honors designation noted on their transcripts. Designations are built from the following types of courses: 

  • Honors General Education. These classes satisfy university LAC or UNIFI requirements in addition to counting toward an honors designation.
  • Advanced Honors Courses. This category includes honors seminars, contracts, study abroad enhancement, and independent study.
  • Honors Thesis. The final requirement for either honors designation is a senior-level research or creative project.

The choice is yours.

University Honors with Distinction

30 Credits

Honors General Education*12 credits
Advanced Honors Courses6 credits
Elective Honors Courses**9 credits
Honors Thesis3 credits
TOTAL30 credits
University Honors

18 Credits

Honors General Education*9 credits
Advanced Honors Courses6 credits
Honors Thesis3 credits
TOTAL18 credits

*Advanced Honors Courses can be used in place of Honors General Education for those whose LAC/UNIFI requirements are already fulfilled.

**Students completing University Honors with Distinction will select nine elective credits from either Honors General Education or Advanced Honors Courses.