Making connections to last a lifetime.

Involvement in honors is about more than just academics. This is a community of learners who will help you grow and evolve throughout your college experience. Honors gives you the opportunity to connect with a network of peers who have diverse interests and goals, but a like-minded approach to academic and personal excellence.  

Interactions with Peers

New honors students are placed in small groups led by upper class peer leaders who are committed to the honors experience and have first-hand knowledge about the value of peer connections.

Leadership Opportunities

Honors participants with an interest in leadership are encouraged to apply for a position on the Honors Student Advisory Board (HSAB). This important leadership team works to enhance the honors experience for the benefit of the entire student body.

Honors Community in Noehren Hall

You can choose to live in close proximity to other honors students who share similar academic goals and values. Take advantage of scheduled honors events as well as everyday informal connections with fellow honors students through impromptu dinners, study groups and game nights.