Study Abroad Enhancement

See the world. And earn honors credit!

We know that travel can make for the best kinds of engaged learning. That's why we encourage honors students to take advantage of study abroad and have made it easy to earn honors credit along the way. There are many options for study abroad participation at UNI, from short summer/winter study programs to semester or year-long exchanges.


If you participate in a study abroad course for UNI credit, you can earn up to 3 credits toward your honors designation by simply completing a travel journal and reflection paper. The journal should be compiled throughout your experience abroad and can be used to prepare the reflection paper upon your return. A request for credit must be submitted prior to travel.

Credit Request

Be sure your request includes how you plan to approach the travel journal and reflection paper requirement. For example, how often do you anticipate creating journal entries? Will you do written reflections, photo journaling, or a combination? The journal should help prompt your reflection at the end of the experience.  

As for the reflection, think about any particular learning outcomes or life experiences you expect to have as a result of the travel experience. Give examples of the themes or questions you anticipate addressing in the reflection paper. The paper should be in the range of 5-7 pages of well-written reflection/critical thinking about your study experience and must be turned in upon your return (no later than the start of the next semester). Being thoughtful about the reflection paper at the front end will help you be intentional about the observations you make while abroad and give you meaningful information to summarize when you return. 

If you qualify for one of the honors study abroad scholarships you will automatically be considered for funding upon submission of your credit request!  Honors travel scholarships are limited. Submit your request for honors credit as soon as you know the location and dates of your travel (final registration through Study Abroad can follow). Credit requests are processed as they are received. Contact Jessica with any questions.

Study Abroad Honors Credit Request

Using the upload areas given below, please attach no more than one, typed page for each of the following points:

  • Describe the Honors component of your travel program (ie: a specialized Honors travel program, contracted Honors hours, etc.).
  • How do you think this travel opportunity, including the Honors component, will influence your personal and academic development?
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